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Risk Management

We designed a Master Plan for adapting to the best practices in Risk Management by conducting an analysis of the current situation and obtaining the Gaps with respect to the Objective Model in the following areas:

  • The methodologies / internal risk models and tools that support them, in terms of their existence and adequacy to achieve the adaptation to Risk Control and the improvement of risk management.
  • The databases and information sources of risks necessary for the calculation of capital and the generation of management information.
  • The circuits and processes of risk management, the support tools and the organization that executes them, to determine their suitability with the best practices and compliance with the qualitative requirements of Risk Control.
  • The proposed methodology would consider the current situation, the actions in progress and those planned by the Entity.


Companies and entities must adopt measures that sufficiently guarantee that they are in a position to comply with the rules, rights and guarantees that the Regulation establishes.

The RGPD understands that acting only when the infraction has already taken place is not enough as a strategy. Because that infraction can cause damages to the interested parties that can be very complicated to compensate or repair.

To this end, all organizations that process data must carry out a risk analysis of their treatments in order to establish what measures to apply and how to do it.


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